You do what you do, let us do the rest
Website Hygiene – Do It Daily Or Have Us Do It For You

Website Hygiene – Do It Daily Or Have Us Do It For You

By on Jul 2, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

There are some things you do every once in a while, and then there are some things you simply have to do on a daily basis.

I mean, you wouldn’t brush your teeth two or three times per week, would you?

Now, we’ve all met that one person… you know the one with toxic breath. Their breath definitely smells like they forgot to use toothpaste. And usually, it’s that one person most eager to talk to you… and only you. Good luck grabbing the mints with that one. You do what you do, let us do the rest

Well guess what? When it comes to your website, think of content as your daily dose of tooth brushing. Your website – in this ever-changing internet climate – will need to stay fresh. With tons of competitive websites vying to take your spot, is “lack of content” a problem you want to say about your website?

The story has happens each and every day. An ambitious website owner decides to start a cool new blog, has interested readers, but doesn’t post enough killer content on a daily basis. Two or three posts per week can turn into two or three posts per month. The visitors go elsewhere. The next thing you know, their blog is headed to the website grave.

Without a fresh dose of content, your website can begin to get stale… fast.

But unlike brushing your teeth, writing fresh content on a daily basis can be a real drag. There’s the research, the structure, the topic, the writing… and then editing on top of that before you even hit the “publish” button.

Ah, but there is a solution, a real solution, one that you, the business owner should be aware of. Are you ready for the answer? Here it is:

Hire someone to do it for you!

At WordsRWeapons, this is what we do.

–          Our professional writers find your voice, and then write your content for you… daily.

–          We write content that engages visitors, and keeps them coming back… daily.

–          We’ve got the SEO thing down, so don’t worry about new traffic. We can cover that for you too.

Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll simply plug you into our process. It’s like having your teeth brushed for you.

Spend your day tackling the real issues of life; business, family, dinner… which movie you’re going to watch. You won’t have to worry about updating your site with fresh content anymore. We’ve got that covered for you… for a lot less than what you’d think.

So are you ready to have our team keep your website content running on all cylinders? Click the link below and get started. We’ll see you on the other side.



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