Weird Reading Skills That Will Make You a Better Writer
Weird Reading Skills That Will Make You a Better Writer

Weird Reading Skills That Will Make You a Better Writer

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Being a good writer goes hand in hand with being a good reader. In fact, one of the easiest ways to improve your writing skills is to work to improve your reading skills. Great writers read every day from a variety of sources, but there are some specific reading skills that go a long ways towards making you a better writer. Check out some of these weird reading skills that will make you a better writer and try some of them out for yourself.   Weird Reading Skills That Will Make You a Better Writer

Read things you had never considered reading. Try a new genre or a topic that you have never explored before. Look up a new website or blog with. However you go about it, find something that you wouldn’t normally read and give it a try. Reading in this way expands your horizons and opens your mind to different ways of writing. You will learn new vocabulary and styles of writing that will instantly make you a better writer.

Skim and skip sections while you read. This is extremely hard for some people because they want to make sure that they are getting every little scrap of information. Studies have shown, however, that skimming can be good for the brain since it helps you to weed out the information that is not relevant. This allows you to retain and remember more. The Internet has made skimming and skipping around a more common form of reading since people have to wade through so much information. This method of reading helps you to pick out the important pieces, and this can help your writing to become more clear and concise.

If you are reading something and it just isn’t interesting, then quit. Quitting gets a bad rap, but knowing when to throw in the towel is actually a very important lesson for reading and for life. When something just isn’t grabbing your attention as a reader, then do not waste your precious time on it. As a writer, think about what you have quit reading. What was it that made you quit? Make a list of these factors and make sure to avoid them in your own writing.

Take notes as you read, or make notations within the book. Underline and highlight areas that catch your interest. This makes it easy to find these places later. Write down your thoughts in a notebook, but do not read these notes without taking a break from your reading for awhile. Allowing the reading to absorb and then going back to reexamine your thoughts allows your brain to look at things in new ways. This helps you to think of different ways to write and to make connections that you might not have ever thought of making.

When you become a better reader, you will become a better writer. Reading introduces you to other ideas and ways of writing that you can incorporate into your own writing. As you learn new ways to write, you will be able to write about more topics and in more styles. Additionally, ideas for what to write about will come easier, and writing itself will be more fun.



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