Who Does Google Think You Are?

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In this day and age, Google is the most powerful corporation on the web.  It seems like they have a hand in everything from social networking to email to videos to their old-fashioned search engine purpose.  The wide range of offerings that Google provides can help you to increase your business rapport and attract potential clients to your website.  From SEO optimization to social media, Google has it all.  google-plus

To establish a name for yourself on Google, use the following steps:

1.  Increase your Google+ audience.
Google+ is a social networking platform that allows you to connect with everybody from old high school buddies to colleagues.  Your Google+ presence is what will skyrocket you to Google awareness the fastest.  Look for followers from those people who know you, and post helpful content on your Google+.  The more shares you get, the more valuable your profile becomes.

2.  Use circles.
Google+ differs from other social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.  By segmenting your audience into circles, you can choose who views what parts of your content.  Personal updates can go into your family and friends circles, whereas professional updates about work might go to your colleagues.  And updates about your business can go to a more public audience.

3.  Use hangouts.
‘Hangouts’ are a prime way to organize meetings with everyone from friends to company employees.  Some hangouts are scheduled so that everybody can talk at once via their computer screens, like a collaborative meeting.  Other hangouts are structured by having a person broadcast a live video feed to a silent audience.

4.  Maximize content.
Write full blog posts and content on your personal website or blog, and then redirect people there from your Google+ page.  Post shortened versions of your blogs on your Google+ page and give people the links to the expanded article.  In this manner, you’ll garner more traffic on your personal or business website.

5.  Learn to format.
Learn the tips and tricks of formatting blog posts on Google+.  Make sure that you’ve organized your posts in a way that makes use of aforementioned circles and all of the offerings that Google+ has.



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