Who Else Wants Meaningful Content Instead of Fluff?

Who Else Wants Meaningful Content Instead of Fluff?

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Think of all the times you have seen a really cool headline, clicked on the link or turned to the page in the magazine and discovered that the article was pointless. It seems to happen a lot that writers do not put time or effort into making their content meaningful. This makes it more and more difficult for readers to trust writers not to waste their time with fluff. As a writer, you should always strive to make your writing worthwhile and not a waste of space in a reader’s brain.   Who Else Wants meaningful content instead of fluff

Write what readers want and need. There has always been an overabundance of pointless writing. This is a waste for anyone who reads it. If you need to just let your mind wander and write down whatever you think, then buy a journal or start a personal blog. Do not write for other people unless you are willing and able to deliver content that meets their wants and needs. There is certain information that readers want or need to be exposed to. That is the content you should write.

Do not ramble. When you ramble in your writing, you run the risk of your readers becoming confused and giving up. You want to get your point across and be done. Each sentence that you write should have a distinct purpose and should be carefully chosed. Say exactly what you want to say, and no more.

One of the best ways to avoid rambling or going off on a tangent is to keep your paragraphs short. Shorter paragraphs help you to be sure that you are not adding unnecessary thoughts to your writing. A good measurement for this is four sentences or four lines of typing. Any longer than that and you run the risk of going off topic and making your writing more fluffy than meaningful.

Use simple words that are direct and to the point. Again, this helps make sure that you stay on topic and say exactly what you mean to say with your writing. In addition, it helps you to reach a wider audience with your writing. Some writers feel like using simple words means that they have to dumb down their writing or alter their writing style. This is not necessarily true. It just means that you need to select your words carefully and make sure they are precise.

Eliminate fluff words. These are typically adjectives or adverbs that qualify other words in your sentences but do absolutely nothing to add punch to your writing. In fact, they remove punch. Words such as “very,” “really,” and “rather,” aren’t necessary and can make your writing more tedious to read.

We are inundated with fluff writing every day, and it is time that it stops. Who else wants meaningful content without fluff? As a writer, it is imperative to begin looking critically at your writing and making sure that it is always meaningful and never fluffy.



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