June 27, 2014

Who Wants to Read Boring Content? 4 Ways to Spice It Up

The Internet is overwhelmed with pieces of writing, and readers have more and more chances to leave your page and go somewhere else. Content needs to be engaging and meaningful in order to keep a reader’s attention long enough to get through your entire piece. This is why boring content does not get much traffic. Readers can easily go somewhere else to find similar information. If you are worried about keeping your readers’ attention, then here are four ways to spice up your content so no one will want to leave your page.

1. Share the inside scoop with your readers. Think of all the times as a kid you wanted to be in on a secret with your friends. It is the same with readers. Everyone likes being in on a secret. Everyone likes to think that they know something that other people do not know. If you write as if you are sharing some little known information with your readers, then they will continue to reading to find out what else you can share. 

2. Find a way to relate to your readers. If they cannot relate to your writing, then chances are that they will go somewhere else. Of course, it is impossible to relate to every single person who reads your writing, so broaden your horizons by referring to trending topics or subjects that may interest your writers. Always keep in mind who your target audience is and appeal to the readers you want to write for.

3. Write conversationally. Try to infuse your writing with your voice by writing like you talk. Writing is more interesting to read when it is a conversation rather than dry and boring letters on a screen. Make sure you use everyday language, quotes, and anecdotes to get your point across in a way that engages your audience.

4. Share about your life. Share your successes and failures. Nothing quite grabs a reader’s attention like a human interest story, so sharing about yourself is a sure way to engage your readers. One of the best ways to do this is to write about a problem that you have had and a solution that you found. Readers enjoy this type of writing because they are able to relate to your struggles and often need the advice that you can offer on how to solve the problem. Someone out there has the exact same issue and could use the information that you can provide.

Who wants to read boring content? No one. With so many places to go to read and get information on the Internet, writers need to be more on top of their game than ever before. Being successful depends on writing content that is interesting, engaging, and relevant. Spicing up your content will improve your writing and keep your readers coming back for more.



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