May 13, 2014

Why our content is better than others’

Some businesses take longer than others to figure out the difference between fancy written words and content that gets results. There are an unlimited amount of writers in the internet marketing space, but more than often the good ones are already booked. The unproven writers are hard to find and the ineffective writers are time wasters that don’t know the first thing about marketing content.

So what makes our content better than others? We get the right results.
At WordsRWeapons, we don’t write content to impress readers. Rather we write content for companies who want “real business results.” What do we mean?

Here’s what we’re talking about:   Good Content

  •  Click-throughs from interested email readers
  • Conversions to your website
  • Opt-ins to webinars and podcasts
  • Sign-Ups to your email list and special offers
  • Sales of your products and services
  • Glorious, Glorious Sales!

Clients keep coming back to us over and over again because our content is focused on their audience. Our professional trained and proven copywriters do the research on your industry, and then focus on your prospect customers.

We focus on what they’re thinking. Because we understand that it’s the audience that will provide the results for our client. We lock in on their innermost needs, their emotional desires and their desperate wishes.
Our next step is to position YOU – the business owner – as the hero, the savior and the complete answer to the problems they’ve been having. What does all of this create? Sales! Glorious sales!

At WordsRWeapons, we don’t look for accolades, awards or a pat on the back for a “nicely written essay.” We want your business to speak volumes to your audience. And then, we want our content to make you more money.
Isn’t it smart for you to take a look at what we have to offer?

Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll simply plug you into our process. Our proven copywriters will take the personality of your business and craft content that gets clicks… fast.

So are you ready to have our team keep your website content running on all cylinders? Click the link below and get started. We’ll see you on the other side.



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