Why we Love to Put Words in your Mouth

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Have you ever said something embarrassing? Something that just came out the wrong way? Everyone has at one time or another. Our unintentional goofs can get us into trouble. Maybe you ruined a first impression, blew a job interview, lost a second date, or had to grovel for several days. Here at Words are Weapons, it’s our job to keep that kind of thing from happening to your business online. SEO-Content

You have worked too hard and have too much at stake to lose customers because of content that doesn’t come across the way you want it to. Can you tell if the tone of your piece will attract a customer? Do you really, truly know how you ‘sound’ online? Certainly you aren’t trying to sound too pompous or cheesy (both of which are sales killer tones), but it’s easy to do if you don’t choose your words carefully.

“But I got an ‘A’ in grammar in high school and aced my essays,” you might say. “Why should I hire a writer?” Grammatical perfection isn’t enough. As a matter of fact, there are times when you should trash strict grammar rules. We know when. And essay writing is a very different than writing sales copy. Think of all the writing your company uses, and then realize that each kind has a different set of ‘rules’ to make it the most effective it can be to grow your business. The way you write an email for an email blast is very different than how you write an “About Us” page or a tri-fold brochure.

Add to this the necessity of working in SEO content that optimizes the latest search engine algorithms, and you have a challenge ahead.

We have writers trained in these techniques and ready to put their skills to work for you. After all, don’t you want to focus on growing your business, talking with customers, strategizing for the future? Letting us provide top-notch copy for all your needs gives you more time to focus on the part of your business you are most passionate about: your product or service.

We will make sure that your company’s written words have the perfect tone, content, sales techniques, and SEO strategy, no matter where you are using them. Let us help you gain both more time in your week and take advantage of every opportunity to grow your business. It’s why we love to put words in your mouth.



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