Why You Need To Hire A Writer For Your Website

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Someone once said, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do a job, wait until you hire an amateur.” To that I would only add, …“or try and do the job yourself.” Nowhere is this more obvious than in trying to create content for your own website. Think about all of the content that goes into effectively branding your message:

hire a professional freelance writer

Hiring a professional writer is cheaper than hiring an amateur.

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • FAQ’s
  • Customer Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Etc.

Of course, that’s just the obvious stuff, but anybody who understands the importance of engaging your clients with your message knows that this list is far from exhaustive. Unfortunately, keeping an in-house writing staff can be very expensive, and hiring and managing a top quality freelancer is practically a full-time job in itself.

The question we’re about to answer however, is why hiring a professional writer is well-worth the cost.

Writers Create Regular Content So You Don’t Have To

It’s hard to find good help that is both as passionate about your company as you are, who is willing to do what it takes to make sure that everyone knows what you do and why anyone should care.

It’s even harder however, to do it yourself.

Even if you are a naturally gifted writer, the fact of the matter is that if you are running your business or managing something other than a writing department, you are probably too busy to be writing content yourself. What’s more, coming up with fresh topics that your clients actually care about is a lot harder than people realize. It takes time to research an article (time you probably don’t have). It can take even longer to write, and then you also have to edit it before it goes up on your site.

While you may be able to put up a few articles here and there, and they may be great, the truth is that you probably will be posting content haphazardly… which is almost as bad as not posting content at all.

Regular Content and Comments Foster Visitor Engagement

If you are familiar with the basics of social media and SEO, one of the most obvious rules is to post regularly. Posting regularly and commenting on posts encourages your readers to:

  • Return to your site for the latest updates
  • Become familiar with your message
  • Engage with your content by commenting and using social media buttons
  • Feel ownership of the community, which turns them from a client into a fan

No matter how great your content is, when your visitors have no idea when you might post again, they become less and less likely to return. Google notices this, Facebook notices this, and you will certainly notice that your ranking and social media engagement haven’t changed in months. Even posting images and the like on a regular basis is better than posting nothing at all.

Your Clients Are More Likely To Respond If Your Content Is Interesting

Of course, if your content is actually interesting, your clients are more likely to engage with it. Pictures can be interesting, but unless they are truly spectacular, they aren’t likely to spark conversations. Interesting articles or well scripted videos will not only capture the attention of your visitors, they can often lead to questions about your products and services that can lead to sales and consultations.

If you are writing your content yourself, you might get frustrated with the effort it takes to come up with interesting content. Getting an employee to do it may work, but unless they know how to craft content, they aren’t likely to communicate your message with the same passion that you would. Professional writers on the other hand are better equipped at matching your enthusiasm while keep your message both elegant and eloquent.

Of course, finding a competent freelancer to write your content can be challenging, and if you only have one that you use regularly, an emergency or better paying opportunity could leave you hunting while your content stagnates. That’s why at WordsRWeapons, we make sure that you never have to hunt for a writer ever again. We give you all the benefits of a fully-staffed writing company, while still ensuring that your costs for content stay affordable.

Find out how we can keep your content fresh and wallet full by scheduling a free consult today.



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