July 16, 2014

Write Copy With Real Emotion

Get to the Heart of the matter

Write Copy With Real EmotionThe list of human emotions is a long one. Dr. Phil McGraw will tell you all about it and tell you all about it, all over on every channel every day somewhere. Human beings are heavily influenced by emotions, whether they know it or not.

And therein lies the key. When you write copy with real emotion, you are hitting your target prospect somewhere in those 18” between the head and the heart. The art of doing so, without him or her realizing it……priceless.

We all love lists (I am making a reasonable assumption):

  • Doubt – Doubt and uncertainty are similar triggers and can be used to appeal to people’s innermost fears
  • Desire – The desire to do better, to have better things and to improve their lives is already present in people.
  • Trust – Messages that evoke trust, such as “no hidden fees”, or “total and 100% transactional transparency” speak to this trigger.
  • Value – Value-for-money conscious people look for things that are worth their investment.
  • Belonging – Most people enjoy a sense of belonging, the more exclusive, and the better.
  • Competition – A lot of people want to better their lives just because others are living better lives.
  • Instant Gratification – People want quick solutions and they mostly want it all yesterday.
  • Leadership – Some people like to feel that they’re the first ones to try something new.
  • Trendiness – Spice up your copy with plenty of celebrity references (no names) and how your solution is the trendiest one in its niche.
  • Lack of Time – People are short of time and solutions that promise to save time are always popular.
  • Love – The need for love is constant and people seldom find long-term solutions to fulfill this need
  • Greed – Your message need not be that crude, but you can certainly appeal to the greed emotion when you’re selling investment plans and such.
  • Hope – Hope is practically what drives the human spirit to look for solutions and push forward even when things look bleak.
  • Fear – Fear is a very real emotion; when it grips a person, rationality is pushed aside, making the person susceptible to quick decisions.
  • Guilt – Certain consumers feel hugely gratified when they respond to guilt-triggering messages.

And how about these characterizations:

Okay. Thank you for reading thru these 15 emotions (and the neato cartoon) that trip everyones’ trigger, in some way or another. Now it is time to be honest. Can we relate?

Any tool that can add a little “oomph” to your material will make it more effective. After all, you are probably trying to get someone to buy or buy into something, WHICH THEY NORMALLY ARE NOT INCLINED TO DO.

As you have learned in earlier Word R Weapons articles, once you know who you are writing to (target demo), you will now want to jump (or wade) into that Sea of Emotion that is your prospect.

Using that Sea theme, fishing is an ancient practice that dates back to at least the beginning of the Paleolithic period about 40,000 years ago. Fast forward to the 21st Century and we “catch” our fish at SAFEWAY or LONG JOHN SILVER.

But fishing for a prospect’s buying power requires a hook not barbed or curved, rather using bait that is already stored in their brain, passed on by generational genes and forged by life. When you write copy with real emotion, you can reel them into your boat and sail on to that Sea of Success!





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