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How WordsRWeapons Makes Hiring Writers Easy

Getting affordable articles, advertisements, blogs, press releases and marketing materials written should be easy. After all, how hard can getting an article written be? It’s an innocent enough question that often leads business owners down a rabbit hole of Murphy’s Law like experiences

Why you need Pros

Hundreds of qualified candidates Dozens of over-priced quotes from brilliant candidates Spelling errors Grammar mistakes Missed deadlines Vanishing writers And the list goes on and on…
Because the answer to the question how hard can getting an article written be is surprisingly hard.
Because talented freelancers typically want more than most companies can either afford or care to spend, and the candidates that fall within an affordable price-range typically do not have the experience required to complete your content competently.But getting quality content when you want it at a price you can afford should be easy. It’s the philosophy which built WordsRWeapons and has allowed us to create profitable business relationship that actually helped to build our company in the first place.

So how can WordsRWeapons make your life easier, while helping you to save money?

We do the hard work for you.We are constantly vetting and working with established freelancers; vetting them for quality while simultaneously providing the foundation they need that no single “gig” could provide. We manage them, manage their deadlines, check their work, and guarantee their professionalism.
We’ve built a community of professional writers that provides stability in exchange for affordable rates.And you know what, it works.Our writers are happy, many of them seasoned professionals, book authors, and award-winning journalists. While they may not be willing to work on YOUR projects for a fraction of what they are worth, they are happy to contribute to our community that will never put them at risk of writing themselves out of a job once they’ve completed a project.

What does that mean for you?

No more hiring, vetting, firing, and keeping track of questionable freelancers. We do that for you.No more time wasted training writers to write for YOU only once. We do that for you.No more internal costs for keeping an in-house writing staff. We do that for you.No more hourly wages cut to writers who were just waiting for a project to be dropped in their lap.

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We keep them busy when you can’t

This is what WordsRWeapons can do for you.Unlike many content creation sites, WordsRWeapons ISN’T a hub for freelancers to negotiate rates. We offer 1 price to all our clients no matter how much or how little work you need.
No more stresses

about sudden big projects that require a large team. We already have a large team ready to work for you.

No more nail-biting

about getting work written within a deadline. We have enough writers to tackle a project of any size, at any time.

Best rate for the best quality

That means you are always getting the best rate for the best quality possible, every time.Just like a regular writing department, if a piece of work isn’t to spec, you can send it back until it is exactly what you have asked for. Our process ensures that you don’t pay for work that isn’t exactly the way you want it.

The biggest difference

is that because of the way WordsRWeapons works, in lean months when your company is focused on other areas, you don’t have to change a thing. When you sign up today, you will only pay for the work you ask for…

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