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Unlike many content creation sites, WordsRWeapons isn’t a hub for freelancers to compete for the lowest rates. We offer our clients affordable rates which scale with your business - no matter how much or how little work you need. That means you are always getting the best rate for the best quality possible, every time - minus the haggling.
Getting affordable articles, advertisements, blogs, press releases and marketing materials written should be easy. Unfortunately wrestling with freelancers or keeping full-time writers employed often leads business owners down a rabbit hole of Murphy’s Law like experiences.
WordsRWeapons eliminates all the hard work while providing competitive, affordable rates, quality control, and a fully-staffed team dedicated to creating YOUR content with YOUR voice so you don’t have to.
Hi, I’m Tomo Albanese, CEO of WordsRWeapons.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Tomo Albanese, CEO of WordsRWeapons.
Rather than having one of our many talented writers throw together something generic, I thought this would be a good place to talk to you as a person.
While most companies prefer to talk about their long history of profits and well-known clients…
The true story of WordsRWeapons - what sets us apart from every other writing and marketing company today - is about our values.
People. Matter.
And business is PERSONAL.
People who say, “It’s just business,” are making excuses because they feel guilty about hurting someone so that they can get ahead.
People. Matter.
Sometimes you need to fire someone. Sometimes there are situations where someone will get the short end of the stick. Life can be messy that way.
But not having any good choices is entirely different from putting profits over people. So when I first built this company back in 2012, I made sure that WordsRWeapons would be a company that puts people first.
Because I would rather build bridges, not walls. I built this company by investing in people, and that is the core principle behind all of our policies.

WordsRWeapons Believes Ethical Businesses Are Modeled After Healthy Relationships.

I believe that being professional means being an expert in your field while having healthy relationships with the people you pay, and the people that pay you.
Healthy Relationships are at the CORE of our business model, which is based on a few simple rules our community of clients and contractors are expected to follow.
  1. Always tell the truth while giving as much benefit of the doubt as possible - trust that mistakes are more common than bad intentions
  2. It doesn’t matter who messed up, what matters is how you clean up the mess - be solutions oriented or you are a part of the problem
  3. Boundaries when compassionately and clearly communicated are a gift we give to others - respect everyone’s firm “no’s
  4. Keep your promises, and make amends if you don’t - you shouldn’t make a promise you can’t keep
  5. Communication begins by listening, and ends with mutual understanding - focus on what we have in common
I believe these are rules that work for friendships, they work in my marriage, and so they are also at the core of WordsRWeapons as well.
After all, when you are talking about professional content creation, you are talking about what makes communication effective at representing your business.

If Your Content Isn’t Unique, You Are Lucky To Be Second Best…

If Your Content Isn’t Unique, You Are Lucky To Be Second Best…
Are you still reading this? How many About Us pages have you read looking for a content company to represent your business? Why are you still reading mine?
The answer is simple.
There is no substitute for the truth...
There is no faking authenticity...
And so the truth is ALWAYS powerful and interesting.
The truth about a company, the truth about YOUR company, is that unless you give people something else to care about - they only care about the price.
You aren’t the only business in town. And so if your content sounds like everyone else’s… the only thing that actually is different is the price.
And competing on price is a great way to go out of business.
After all - if the Leaders in your industry are selling the same thing for more money…
The simple truth is that what they are doing different is they are communicating to YOUR clients NEW IDEAS before you bother to follow their lead.
You are either a Leader in your industry… or you are playing Follow The Leader, and don’t be surprised when your customers ALSO decide to Follow the Leader and leave you behind.
Leaders don’t worry about what is performing well in the industry - because they are too busy creating new trends to follow them.
Leaders set trends, by creating new content and ads.
Their secret to consistently being more inventive and creative?
They have professionals who are expert writers on the COMPANY to help make sure that their content and communication stands out from the crowd. That it is appealing, that it is interesting, and that it is TARGETED to their ideal customer.
But with WordsRWeapons, we assign you an account manager who will work with you to make sure that your native speaking content creation team is customizing your content for your business.
With professional writers and editors working at affordable rates to customize your content rather than pulling it from a template or possibly plagiarizing it, WordsRWeapons provides a fully-staffed creative team at costs competitive with hiring a single overseas contractor.
And we do all of that while making sure that our people get paid fair rates for the highest quality work possible.

High Quality Content Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive To Pay People Fairly

Businesses aren’t people, and so what makes a business important is the people involved with it. Here at WordsRWeapons, we believe that ethical businesses are communities for cooperation and innovation between clients and employees.
Compassion and Profitability are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to be both compassionate AND profitable - and to sacrifice compassion for profits is to FAIL as a business owner.
Because at WordsRWeapons, HOW you succeed is what makes you a winner.
Cheaters aren’t winners - they are just criminals who haven’t gotten caught. Everyone makes mistakes. What matters is not the mistakes you make, but how you take responsibility for them.
And communities are responsible to their people.
Lion’s Share of The Labor, Lion’s Share of the Fee

Lion’s Share of The Labor, Lion’s Share of the Fee

In most industries, the further away you get from doing the work yourself, the more money you make. Sub-contractors often make a fraction of what a finished product is actually worth, while the CEO takes the Lion’s Share of the profits.
At WordsRWeapons, we proportion the money earned from providing top-quality content to our clients in a way that helps talented artists earn like professionals.
As the owner, I make the LEAST amount of money for every piece of content our shop produces. Because I get a few cents from every single piece of content we deliver.
Our admins, the folks that help to move things along. They get paid the second least for every single piece of writing we produce. I couldn’t build this company without their help.
Our editors get paid significantly more for every piece they make certain is of the highest quality. The admins and I depend on their talent and expertise to make sure our clients are happy with the work we deliver.
But our writers get paid the Lion’s share - because it is the quality of their work that determines how much our editors can improve it. We pay our writers more because to work for WordsRWeapons…

All that matters are results.

As a client - you don’t care how many hours it takes to write a piece. You care about what it costs, if it matches what you asked for, and if it was delivered on time.
As a writer or editor - you don’t care about how much money this company makes. You care about getting paid on time, getting clear instructions, and spending more time with your friends and family than you do working.
So results matter. All of our good intentions depend on us accomplishing our goals and keeping our promises.
That’s why we only work with native speakers of the market a client sells to. No broken English or awkward Spanish, stilted Mandarin, or computer generated translations that sound like they were written by a 5-year-old.
If you want your business to sound professional, you need professional content written by a word-smith, not an interpreter who has never LIVED the culture common to your clients.
If you are a high quality writer who can hit your deadlines… we will always pay you as much as we can afford to based on the rates our clients pay us.

Which means our clients are always paying the lowest rates for consistently high-quality content that is tailored to your brand.


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